Leaving Guyana

October 9, 2018 Blog Notes, Ministry

This is our last week in Guyana so this will likely be my final blog post, at least for a while. We have now been in Guyana for a little over a year, which was our goal. We would like to come back, perhaps for a few months every year, but for we need to go back to the States to get jobs and such. This past year has been amazing for us in terms of building our faith andRead More

Trip to Orealla

August 22, 2018 Travel

This past weekend we traveled to visit an isolated congregation in the interior. Our friend Jessica is visiting from New Mexico for a few weeks so we all wanted to take this side trip to see a new area of Guyana. Guyana has 7 isolated congregations, many accessible only by rough roads, planes, or rivers. Orealla is the closest one to us. Traveling there requires taking a car to the furthest point east, to a town called Skeldon, and thenRead More

Jumping Through Hoops

August 7, 2018 Daily Life, Travel

Part of being a needgreater in a foreign country is making sure we are fulfilling all the legal requirements to remain in the country, even when that comes with considerable inconvenience or expense.  In all truthfulness we have had it fairly easy here but we recently had some stressful times in this regard where we felt like we were just running around, jumping through governmental hoops. The Guyanese government grants only a set number of visas for each religious organizationRead More

Five Months in Guyana

March 11, 2018 Ministry

This last month has been quite busy, but happily so!  The end of February we had our second visitors, our friends Ross and Bonnie from our congregation in the States.  They came for ten days and we kept them busy in the ministry.  Bonnie counted up and, in the ten days of their visit, she went on 16 Bible studies and she and Ross combined put in 60-plus hours of service! During their visit we were able to visit NumberRead More


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