We are no longer in Guyana but this blog is a history of your time there 2017-2018

About Fyrish

24th July 2017 Preparation

And we have a congregation!  We wrote to the branch office in Trinidad, which oversees the work in Guyana, and asked for suggestions of congregations which needed help and they suggested Fyrish.  We talked to the contact there and they are going to look for a house for us to rent for a year so that’s still pending but at least we know the area where we will be going. I’d like to say from the get-go that while I’veRead More

Packing: For Women

14th July 2017 Preparation

Packing for vacation is one thing but packing for a year in a hot country is its own special challenge!  As you can imagine, I’ve been thinking about this way too much…  This blog post could be way longer and filled with stories of all the things I’ve bought and returned already or all my anxiety about keeping the balance of buying what I need and not becoming materialistic, but we’ll skip all that nonsense and just focus on theRead More

Packing: For Men

3rd July 2017 Preparation

I’d like to say up front that I don’t dress my husband.  I might buy him something occasionally but I don’t lay out his clothes or plan to coordinate with him.  That having been said, he is a bit lax on buying clothing for himself so, since packing for a year abroad takes some advance thought, I’ve been putting a plan together for him. Our main priority, besides dressing in an acceptable way, is to stay cool and comfortable whileRead More

Packing: For the Home

26th June 2017 Preparation

An early question we’ve been fielding in any discussion about our move is “What are you doing with your things?”  This is a natural question, as we plan to bring only what we can carry on the plane in a few large suitcases. As we look around our apartment, we’ve been categorizing our material possessions: things to bring, things to sell/donate, and things to put in storage.  We’ve even had to create a new category– things to loan– because someRead More

A New Adventure

4th March 2017 Preparation

I first started this site and blog back in 2012 when I was making plans to move permanently to Guyana, South America. I had previously pioneered in Guyana in the mid-’90s and, after a visit in 2011, decided to return permanently.  But even now, reading back on those posts from 2012 about my plans, I can sense my ambivalence about the move. One of the reasons for my ambivalence was that I felt that I was falling in love withRead More