We are no longer in Guyana but this blog is a history of your time there 2017-2018


20th October 2017 Daily Life

I cannot believe that we have been in Guyana three weeks already!  In some ways we are settling in and in other ways it feels like we still have so much to do. A big chunk of our “to do” list centers around making our new house a home. As in most areas of Guyana, there are no apartments for rent, only houses.  Usually, if a family that owns a home moves overseas, they leave the house empty or lookRead More

First Week in Guyana

5th October 2017 Ministry

Yesterday was our one week anniversary in Guyana. As with most worthwhile endeavors, there have been ups and downs, triumphs and challenges. Before we arrived, the brothers found a house for us to rent from a nice family. It is a two story, four bedroom (only two usable) and two bath house. It came furnished, although most of the furnishings were old and broken. And because the house was closed up for a time, it was also filled with bugs.Read More

Let’s Keep in Touch!

21st September 2017 Preparation

And we’re off!  We’re on our way to Guyana today so this is a little reminder to all of our friends about the ways you can keep in touch with us. This is two-fold: for us to share our experiences and photos with you and for you to keep us updated as well.  Here’s an overview of how we plan to do it. WEBSITE/BLOG Obviously, this blog is a huge way that we plan to communicate with friends and familyRead More

On the Move

30th August 2017 Travel

Today, we are moving. We are moving from the house where we started a married life together.  A place which we have appreciated every day for the last four years.  But now, we’re leaving and it’s no time to be sentimental. One of the simplest and yet most difficult questions we have been asked has been, “When are you leaving?” What the person is really asking is, “Will I see you before you leave?” And while our flight isn’t untilRead More

Little Luxuries

11th August 2017 Preparation

I’ve heard different people serving in foreign counties talk about the necessity of little luxuries, the small things that make our life just a little more special.  Here I have a roundup of things that I am considering bring as little luxuries. This Parisian market bag.  Is it practical?  We’ll be going to the market for sure so we’ll need something to carry home fruits and vegetables but, I am aware that I don’t need such a pretty bag; ourRead More