We are no longer in Guyana but this blog is a history of your time there 2017-2018

Houses of Guyana

3rd August 2018 Daily Life

While in the ministry here in Guyana, we have a lot of opportunity to see the local houses and yards. One of my favorite things to do is to dream up my ideal Guyanese home from all my favorite bits that I’ve seen. It is also interesting to learn what these homes teach us about the different ways people live. Some houses in our territory are small, one-room wooden structures on stilts.  Many of these will have an outside kitchenRead More

Family Visitors & Convention

22nd July 2018 Special Events, Visitors

Last month we had our second set of family visitors: Sarah’s parents. They had heard about Guyana for over 20 years so it was so special that they were finally able to come! It was a short visit- just six days- but it was so nice. We did our best to expose them to a variety of local foods and experiences. We took them in the ministry, on our Bible studies, and to the meetings. My father even gave theRead More

Dealing with Homesickness

13th July 2018 Preparation

Homesickness is a natural response to being away from family, friends, or the things that are familiar to us.  It could be even that your assignment is far from local congregations so you are more isolated from association with others.  There is no shame in having negative feelings.  But while sometimes the best way to get over something is to go through it, there are also ways to make it easier. MISSING THINGS If what you are missing are theRead More

Eight Months in Guyana

15th June 2018 Daily Life, Ministry

Well, here we are eight months (almost 9) into our year in Guyana. We are now at the point where we have to start making plans to go back to the States in October. And at the same time, we want to stay fully focused on enjoying the rest of our time here. It can sometimes be a hard balance to strike. Last month Tommy’s sister Kim came for a short visit. We took her in service with us andRead More

Service Scenes

25th May 2018 Ministry

As the friends here will tell you, I’m very sneaky at getting photos in the ministry.  When my partner is sharing a scripture, I use my phone to look it up and take the opportunity to snap a photo as well. I love the informal, candid moments when a householder is completely focused on a new thought from the scriptures. That being said, I have asked everyone’s permission to post these photos. And as a final, encouraging note, we recentlyRead More