Packing: For the Home

26th June 2017 Preparation

An early question we’ve been fielding in any discussion about our move is “What are you doing with your things?”  This is a natural question, as we plan to bring only what we can carry on the plane in a few large suitcases.

As we look around our apartment, we’ve been categorizing our material possessions: things to bring, things to sell/donate, and things to put in storage.  We’ve even had to create a new category– things to loan– because some friends have asked to borrow certain pieces of furniture, which is great!

But the question does become a bit more complicated because, while there are portable things which could definitely carry with us, we also are taking this opportunity to simplify our lives, to get rid of the mental clutter which naturally comes with things.

So, if we drill down to household things we are bringing,this is what is currently on our list (although it is subject to change):


We’re bringing our own bedding, which includes sheets, bamboo pillow cases to help with the sweaty pillow issue, and a pretty comforter.  I bought this one from Target but I’m now worried it might be too heavy and bulky to bring on the plane.

A mosquito net is essential!  It’s not so much because people live in fear of malaria but because being bitten by mosquitoes is not fun.  A lot of homes are fairly open, without screens so mosquitoes have free range.  We might consider installing some screens but, regardless, we’ll need a mosquito net.  In India, the nets overlapped on the sides which made it really easy to get in and out so we’re going to buy one of those State-side to bring with us.  Etsy has some pretty ones with tassels and such but this plain one will do.

I’ve been obsessed with the idea of small fabric/rope baskets for storage!  I can’t decide if I’ll buy them or try to make them.

I remember a severe lack of mirrors in some of the places I lived so I’ll be bringing this little round mirror to hang in the bedroom.


I’m bringing the silverware my grandmother bought for me when I first moved into my own place.  It’s a bamboo look so it’s appropriate for a tropical climate as well.

I also want to bring a few trays because they’re so useful as a coffee station or to contain sauces and spices on the counter.

And I’m thinking about bringing a set of chai glasses that we bought in India.  Hey, if we can bring them back from India in one piece, we can get them down to Guyana and back!  (Although I just saw this copper set which is super cool!)

And a metal French press!

In the category of “maybe,” I had thought about buying a set of enamel dishes but they can add up so we might just buy something from the market when we get there.


The only thing I really have for this section is a small, metal side table which disassembles easily.  It’s not necessary by any means so it might get bumped off the list but it is a “home” thing so we’ll see.  Similar (although mine was like $15)


Nothing makes a home feel more complete than art.  We have a wall hanging in our living room which will easily fold up into a suitcase.  Other than that, I might bring some art posters in a tube to frame later, or just pin to the wall.  On my first move to Guyana, I brought a poster of Monet’s sunflowers, rolled up in a tube and when I put it on the wall, wherever I was living felt like home.


I won’t go into detail here for safety reasons, but we’re bringing some items which will help us to keep in touch with people easily as well as some of our favorite movies!

So that’s it!  My perspective is totally skewed and now I can’t tell if that’s a lot or a little.  Of course, this doesn’t include clothing… but that’s a blog post for another day.

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