On the Move

30th August 2017 Travel

Today, we are moving. We are moving from the house where we started a married life together.  A place which we have appreciated every day for the last four years.  But now, we’re leaving and it’s no time to be sentimental.

One of the simplest and yet most difficult questions we have been asked has been, “When are you leaving?” What the person is really asking is, “Will I see you before you leave?” And while our flight isn’t until September 23, the reality is that from today, we will be on the move.

This is our itinerary from now until we leave, August 30 – September 23. So if you’ve asked the above question and received silence accompanied by a glazed and frantic look in our eyes, now you will understand why. 🙂

Aug 30-Sept 1: New Hampshire
Sept 1-2: Danvers, MA
Sept 3-5: Rockport, MA
Sept 6: Warwick, NY
Sept 7: Cleveland, OH
Sept 8-9: Detroit, MI
Sept 10-12: Upper Peninsula, MI
Sept 13-14: Detroit, MI
Sept 15-16: Boston, MA
Sept 17-19: Maine
Sept 20-22: Boston, MA
Sept 23: Flight to Guyana

Okay, now back to packing!

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