Little Luxuries

11th August 2017 Preparation

I’ve heard different people serving in foreign counties talk about the necessity of little luxuries, the small things that make our life just a little more special.  Here I have a roundup of things that I am considering bring as little luxuries.

This Parisian market bag.  Is it practical?  We’ll be going to the market for sure so we’ll need something to carry home fruits and vegetables but, I am aware that I don’t need such a pretty bag; our local grocery store bag would do.  But this one is so adorable!

This square water bottle.  Actually, this is practical because it will fit so nicely in a bag.  But is it essential?  Not really.

Brass horse head wall hook.  Again, a hook is useful but does it need to be a fancy brass one?  No.  I actually already have this hook since it was an anniversary present but it’s heavy as anything… and I’m bringing it!

And finally, these truly ridiculous house slippers.  Again, I do need slippers to wear around the yard but do they need to have red fringe?  No, that’s just for fun! (And because they were like $16.)

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