Let’s Keep in Touch!

21st September 2017 Preparation

And we’re off!  We’re on our way to Guyana today so this is a little reminder to all of our friends about the ways you can keep in touch with us. This is two-fold: for us to share our experiences and photos with you and for you to keep us updated as well.  Here’s an overview of how we plan to do it.


Obviously, this blog is a huge way that we plan to communicate with friends and family back home.  I won’t promise to have a regular posting schedule; I’ll just post every once in a while when I feel there is something interesting to share. If you have any specific questions or ideas for blog posts, let me know!

In order to let everyone know that a new post is up, I will post a notice on Instagram,  @sullivans_guyana.  I’ve also set up a mailing list for those of you who find it more convenient to be emailed a notice.  You can sign up here or in the link in the footer. There won’t be any additional content in the email, just a link to the post


Instagram is probably my favorite way to keep in touch with people so I’ve set up a public account: @sullivans_guyana.  I follow so many needgreaters in countries like the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Mozambique and find them so encouraging that I knew I wanted to be of encouragement to others as well!

As a side note, if you do not have Instagram and are social media-averse, you can click on any of the photos from the IG feed in the footer of this blog and see them without an account.


Feel free to email us! Our personal emails will remain the same and we hope to have regular internet access. Additionally, I’ve set up a joint address: sullivans @ sullivansinguyana.com. You can also contact us through the contact form on this site.


We have an international plan so friends and family can call and text as usual. We also signed up for WhatsApp which is a free international messaging service.


So there you have it!

It’s so great that we live in such a connected world! Years ago when I served in Guyana, the only way to keep in touch was by mail or an occasional collect phone call back home. And neither of those were easy options. Where I lived in the interior, we got mail delivery from a plane once a week so we waited a long time for letters and often they would come all at once. And phone calls required taking a bus to Brazil!

So we’re so excited that with this new connectivity we can not only encourage our friends, family, and brothers and sisters but that they can encourage us too and make us feel better about being far away.

So let’s keep in touch!

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