Leaving Guyana

9th October 2018 Ministry

This is our last week in Guyana so this will likely be my final blog post, at least for a while. We have now been in Guyana for a little over a year, which was our goal. We would like to come back, perhaps for a few months every year, but for we need to go back to the States to get jobs and such.

This past year has been amazing for us in terms of building our faith and generally realigning our priorities. When we first started making our plans to come to Guyana, we saw Jehovah’s hand in directing us. Then, after we arrived, we were quickly able to see the reasons that Jehovah had directed us to this congregation at this time and were so happy to have been used by him.  And of course it works the other way too; Fyrish was good for us! One of my favorite things I’ve ever heard from a Gilead graduation interview is, “Jehovah knows me, he knows what I like, and he knows the field. And when those three things come together, it’s a beautiful thing.” (JW Broadcasting)  And that is the way we feel too.

Over this past year, the brothers and sisters in the congregation and even our Bible students have given us so much; they cooked us meals, shared their skills and knowledge, and become true brothers and  sisters!  It will be so difficult to leave them…

Also during the year we have been able to travel to see new areas including other parts of Guyana (Orealla, Kaieteur Falls) and other countries (Tobago, Barbados, and Suriname).  Seeing the differences in the way people live and growing in our appreciation of the brotherhood has been incredible.  We have also been able so see first-hand some of the wonders of Jehovah’s creation!

And we have had so many intrepid visitors!  We can’t express how much we appreciate all the friends and family who their spent time and money to come to this little corner of the world to build us up!

During the past year we conducted studies with 15 people and in the end, we have 4 progressive students and 1 new call who we will be turning over to brothers and sisters in the congregation. This week we are having our last studies with them and it is quite sad to say goodbye.

No place is entirely good or entirely bad, of course. There were difficulties that we learned to deal with but the truth is, life was never easy or comfortable for us here. But we didn’t get sick or get robbed or have an accident. There were minor things that happened but, truly, nothing that couldn’t have happened in the States too.

It is hard to articulate what we have learned or what we will take away but there are a few things.  We have been strengthened as a couple by seeing each others faith expressed while conducting Bible studies.  We have also learned to overcome the bumps in the road and developed a more resilient spirit.  And of course we will be returning with a wealth of experience in the field and, for Tommy as an elder, in the congregation.

We will be leaving this blog and the Instagram account up as a reference for those who are thinking of serving where the need is greater, but we will no longer be posting.  (Although I will be posting to Instagram for a few days more, until we leave.) When we come back in a year or so and we will resume both the blog and Instagram account then.  Thank you for all of your supportive comments and emails over the past year!  And farewell from Sullivans in Guyana!

If you come across this blog during the haitus and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us through the contact form.

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