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July 22, 2018 Special Events, Travel

Last month we had our second set of family visitors: Sarah’s parents. They had heard about Guyana for over 20 years so it was so special that they were finally able to come! It was a short visit- just six days- but it was so nice. We did our best to expose them to a variety of local foods and experiences. We took them in the ministry, on our Bible studies, and to the meetings. My father even gave the talk on Sunday! There happened to be a congregation gathering while they were here so they saw some Indian dances and ate some traditional foods.

Toward the end of their visit we went to Kaieteur Falls. Kaieteur is the crown jewel of Guyana, a 740-foot single drop waterfall in the middle of the jungle. It is fairly expensive to visit so unfortunately most Guyanese are not able to see this wonder in their own country. The falls was breathtaking and awe-inspiring.

The tour we we took also took us to Orinduik Falls which is a smaller falls which you can swim in and it was so refreshing. Orinduik is in the Pakaraima Mountains not far from where I pioneered for a few months in 1998. While we were there, there was a brief rain shower which left the rocks in the hillside shining like diamonds which was such a strong memory. I was glad that the tour allowed my parents to experience many areas of Guyana in one go.

They left on a Wednesday which gave us a little more than a week before the convention.  During that week we participated in the convention invitation campaign.  The brothers and sisters worked longer days in the ministry and had 4:00 in the afternoon meetings in order to cover the territory with the invitation.

Also, since we are the local congregation to the convention facilities, many in the congregation were involved in cleaning, repairing, and setting up for the convention on the Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday before the convention.  Tommy was assistant in three departments so he was there for long days and into the evening and then also at the site early every morning of the convention as well.

The convention program, as all of you who attended around the world know, was excellent!  We had a peak attendance on Sunday of 1,453 with 13 baptized, including one from our congregation.  We had several representatives from the branch office in Trinidad and speakers from Georgetown, in addition to our excellent local speakers.

Many of the friends wore traditional garb, Indian or African dresses.  I also was able to see my friend Arlene who I pioneered with in Lethem in 1997.  She and her husband are working at the former branch which is a literature depot since Guyana came under the Trinidad branch.

It was an excellent weekend of encouragement to stay courageous!


  1. Roger Dionne says:

    Exciting Times! Spiritual paradise meets physical paradise in the Guyanese jungle. The waterfalls were fantastic. Too bad Tommy got bumped off from the tour. We’ll make it up to you, Tommy. After all your hard woik you deserve a break. Sarah, Did Sabrina come to the Convention?

    Love Pa

  2. Marian Walker says:

    As always it is so interesting and inspiring to hear about your Convention. It is certainly proof of all the hard work you and Tommy put in every day.

    And how great to have your family visitors with you to see the wonderful falls and other sights. It is too bad Tommy did not get to join you there.

    Keep up the good work. It will soon be coming to an end and I know you both will be missed greatly.

  3. Geralyne says:

    It’s great that you had the opportunity to see the Falls –and with your parents which made it even more special! I hope your last couple of months in Guyana will continue to be as exciting. Enjoy!
    Love, Geralyne

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