“Don’t Give Up” Circuit Assembly

27th April 2018 Special Events

Last week Sunday we had our circuit assembly with the theme Don’t Give Up in Doing What Is Fine.  It was held at the Albion Sports Complex which is only a few minutes walk from our house.

The day before the assembly, many brothers and sisters went to the sports complex to clean, repair, and to build the stage.  Tommy was assigned to safety so he and another brother watched over the work and helped out as needed.  A few brothers stayed over night at the complex to act as security.  Tommy and some other local brothers went over at 5am to relieve the security crew to allow them to go home and change.

The day of the assembly, Sunday, the rain was still falling so we wore our rubber boots and changed into shoes at the complex.  Because of the rain, the ground around the stage was wet and flooded so the brothers brought out boards to serve as walkways to the stage and the program went on without a hitch.

The program was excellent, with many fine talks, interviews and demonstrations.  By the end of the morning session, the rain had let up and the sun came out.  Two new sisters were baptized.  Attendance for the morning session was 794 with 18 from ASL and the afternoon was 891.

After the sessions, as we were walking out, we saw some small puppies by the guard shed.  They were so cute and playful!  People sometimes will drop puppies off in a place where they know they will get food– like the complex where the events have food vendors– and where people will take them.  This young boy decided to take this puppy home with him and it made my day!

We had invited our Bible students to come and Anne and Sabrina were most excited about it and were making plans to come.  Unfortunately the rain changed Anne and Rohan’s plans.  They live down a long road and don’t have a car so it would have been very difficult for them to walk out in the pouring rain with their two young girls.  And poor Sabrina got very sick minutes after I spoke to her the day of the assembly.  She has consistently been plagued with problems before meetings, the Memorial, and assemblies which, as we all know, is not a coincidence.  She recognizes it as well and is determined to stand firm or, in connection with the assembly theme, to not give up!

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