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11th September 2018 Daily Life, Ministry

I realize that as the time counts down to us leaving, I should get some more blog post up, especially those of the series I’ve started. So here we have an account of a fairly typical Friday.


We woke up and I made breakfast while Tommy hooked up the pump to fill our water tank.  We have scaled back our breakfasts of late so now it’s mostly just eggs and tea/coffee but today I made a pineapple and mango smoothie using fruit I had frozen and adding honey and coconut milk. We also had a bit of a pastry that a sister had given us the night before at the meeting. After breakfast Tommy and I did our Bible reading and talked about life and future plans.


We met the group for field service on Cropper School Street.  At the meeting for service it was just four of us– Tommy and me and Debbie and Brother Dewarka– but as the morning went along the group grew until we had 11 persons out!  It was a big group for a Friday since this is a month with a circuit overseer’s visit so there are a lot of auxiliary pioneers.

Debbie and I worked together and we had a few nice conversations with people who invited us to sit down.

At one house, Debbie had three different conversations with three different people! She started with a young mother who wasn’t very responsive. Then the woman’s husband came in and he asked “Who is God?” He was challenging in his tone but Debbie patiently shared scriptures identifying God and Jesus.  Eventually his father joined the conversation and things got a bit more complicated in talking about life on other planets and earth being a proving ground so at that point we politely took our leave.


Troy and Melissa are away so they asked us to do two of their studies so we left the group a little before 11:00 to study with Donna who loves on the far eastern end of our territory.  Melissa had gotten Donna during the convention invitation work and she is currently in chapter 4 of the Teach Us book and is an excellent student.  After we finished our study she said that Melissa usually calls on a couple down the street and that she would contact them to let them know that we would be coming next week.  A Bible student was arranging return visits for us!


After the study we went to the Friday market to pick up some okra, pumpkin, sweet peppers, pineapple and watermelon.  We also got some chicken from Aunty Babo.  That is a regular thing and she has begun calling us to if we don’t show up to make sure we are okay!

In the taxi home we talked to the driver who was a Pentecostal minister.  He asked questions about how we came and I’m always happy to tell persons that we aren’t paid to be here but that we worked and saved money to come.


We came home and had a peanut butter and banana smoothie for lunch.  Tommy had a full afternoon of congregation secretary work to do for the end of the year report so he set up a desk on the veranda and worked in the cool breeze.  I spent most of the afternoon relaxing.

Usually I am out all afternoon until 5:00 on studies with my friend Vanessa.  She has three studies who are all progressing really well, some are in the second book and some are unbaptized publishers.  But for the past month, all of her students have been going through various trials and changes of circumstance which have thrown them off their schedule for studying.  We hope to be back on track again soon.


Usually on Friday evenings we go to Troy and Melissa’s house for what we call “pizza night” but is really calzone night.  We spend the evening getting caught up on the week, listening to music, and sometimes playing a game.  Troy and Melissa do witnessing at a prison on Friday mornings so they always have really good stories.

But this night we had dinner at home, zaatar marinated chicken with roasted potatoes and carrots. I was in the kitchen doing some of the prep and realized that the stove had gone out. It turns out that we had run out of gas so Tommy had to take a taxi to a gas station a few villages away to get a new tank. After he got home we had to reheat the oven which delayed dinner even more.


Finally we had dinner! Then we watched a few episodes of television on Netflix and we had an early night.

Even though this Friday was quieter and less social than most, it was still a very good, and full day!

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