Dealing with Homesickness

13th July 2018 Preparation

Homesickness is a natural response to being away from family, friends, or the things that are familiar to us.  It could be even that your assignment is far from local congregations so you are more isolated from association with others.  There is no shame in having negative feelings.  But while sometimes the best way to get over something is to go through it, there are also ways to make it easier. MISSING THINGS If what you are missing are theRead More

Let’s Keep in Touch!

21st September 2017 Preparation

And we’re off!  We’re on our way to Guyana today so this is a little reminder to all of our friends about the ways you can keep in touch with us. This is two-fold: for us to share our experiences and photos with you and for you to keep us updated as well.  Here’s an overview of how we plan to do it. WEBSITE/BLOG Obviously, this blog is a huge way that we plan to communicate with friends and familyRead More

Little Luxuries

11th August 2017 Preparation

I’ve heard different people serving in foreign counties talk about the necessity of little luxuries, the small things that make our life just a little more special.  Here I have a roundup of things that I am considering bring as little luxuries. This Parisian market bag.  Is it practical?  We’ll be going to the market for sure so we’ll need something to carry home fruits and vegetables but, I am aware that I don’t need such a pretty bag; ourRead More

About Fyrish

24th July 2017 Preparation

And we have a congregation!  We wrote to the branch office in Trinidad, which oversees the work in Guyana, and asked for suggestions of congregations which needed help and they suggested Fyrish.  We talked to the contact there and they are going to look for a house for us to rent for a year so that’s still pending but at least we know the area where we will be going. I’d like to say from the get-go that while I’veRead More

Packing: For Women

14th July 2017 Preparation

Packing for vacation is one thing but packing for a year in a hot country is its own special challenge!  As you can imagine, I’ve been thinking about this way too much…  This blog post could be way longer and filled with stories of all the things I’ve bought and returned already or all my anxiety about keeping the balance of buying what I need and not becoming materialistic, but we’ll skip all that nonsense and just focus on theRead More