Daily Life


21st September 2018 Daily Life

If you’ve been following on social media, you know that we inherited some cats when we moved into our house. While I bristle at the “cat lady” designation, the truth is, I do love cats, although Tommy is more of a dog person (he’s allergic to cats). I say that we “inherited” these cats because we didn’t choose to have them and we don’t have any control over how they breed and if they live or not. We can’t cuddleRead More

Day in the Life | Friday

11th September 2018 Daily Life, Ministry

I realize that as the time counts down to us leaving, I should get some more blog post up, especially those of the series I’ve started. So here we have an account of a fairly typical Friday. 7:30AM We woke up and I made breakfast while Tommy hooked up the pump to fill our water tank.  We have scaled back our breakfasts of late so now it’s mostly just eggs and tea/coffee but today I made a pineapple and mangoRead More

Houses of Guyana

3rd August 2018 Daily Life

While in the ministry here in Guyana, we have a lot of opportunity to see the local houses and yards. One of my favorite things to do is to dream up my ideal Guyanese home from all my favorite bits that I’ve seen. It is also interesting to learn what these homes teach us about the different ways people live. Some houses in our territory are small, one-room wooden structures on stilts.  Many of these will have an outside kitchenRead More

Eight Months in Guyana

15th June 2018 Daily Life, Ministry

Well, here we are eight months (almost 9) into our year in Guyana. We are now at the point where we have to start making plans to go back to the States in October. And at the same time, we want to stay fully focused on enjoying the rest of our time here. It can sometimes be a hard balance to strike. Last month Tommy’s sister Kim came for a short visit. We took her in service with us andRead More

A Day in the Life | A Day Off

9th April 2018 Daily Life

Tuesday is our day off. In order for a day off to be refreshing for me, I don’t like to structure it too much so, as a result, it’s a bit difficult to quantify but I’ll try. 7:00AM I can’t really sleep in too much, even on a day off so we’re usually up by 7:00. We make breakfast, sometimes something special like breakfast pizza or pancakes because we have more time. Then we start our day as most daysRead More