For Needgreaters

If you are reaching out toward the goal of serving where the need for publishers is greater in a foreign country, you are pursuing a fine work. There is a wealth of information which you can research on or Watchtower Online Library. Comments on this blog are not meant to replace or supersede that information, but rather to underscore it.

Follow Directions

First and most importantly, follow the directions of the brothers and write a letter to the branch office of the country in which you are interested in serving. You will give that letter to your body of elders and they will forward it to the branch office along with a recommendation. You can ask the branch for suggestions of where you will be most helpful. Be specific about your needs and limitations.

Do Your Research

Do not expect the branch to prepare you with all the information you need. It is your responsibility to look into visa requirements, etc.. Many needgreaters stay on a tourist visa or passport and leave the country every three months to renew their passport stamp and tourist status. If possible, check with local needgreaters to see how they handle this in a practical way.

Research the safety of the water, the risk of malaria, etc. and take steps to protect yourself. Make sure you have all the medication you need for the duration of your stay, including contact lenses if you wear them.

Decide what is important to you. If you need access to the internet, check the availability and speed for the region you are considering.

When renting a home, do not make assumptions. Many homes do not come equipped with a refrigerator or stove as is common in some parts of the United so be sure to ask before signing a rental agreement or plan to purchase these things yourself.

Count the Cost

Research the cost of living using an online tool, keeping in mind that prices may vary throughout the country. is a tool which we have used and found to be fairly accurate. If you are in communication with someone in the country to which you are going, you can ask them if these estimates are accurate.

Consider how will you get access to money. Again, online research and speaking to persons locally will help you.

Strengthen Your Faith and Enthusiasm

Most importantly, keep your motivation up while you are saving for your move. We have so many beautiful resources from articles to videos to songs which can help us to keep our mind focused on our goals. Here are a few:

Read as many life experiences and Yearbook articles from the country to which you are going as you can.  And when you run out of those, read anything from the same general vicinity.

By preparing your mind and heart and taking a few practical steps, you will be sure to be successful!