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24th July 2017 Preparation

And we have a congregation!  We wrote to the branch office in Trinidad, which oversees the work in Guyana, and asked for suggestions of congregations which needed help and they suggested Fyrish.  We talked to the contact there and they are going to look for a house for us to rent for a year so that’s still pending but at least we know the area where we will be going.

I’d like to say from the get-go that while I’ve entitled this post “About Fyrish,” I don’t think by any means that I know all about it.  Information in this post has been gathered from internet searches and talking to persons who live in the region.  Also, I did stay in Fyrish for a week the first time that I visited Guyana in 1995 so I have some sense of the area.

Fyrish is a village on the east coast of Guyana, about 2 hours east of Georgetown, the capital.  If you continue on for another two hours past Fyrish, you reach the border of Suriname.  The region is called Berbice.  Interestingly, Berbice was a colony of the Netherlands from 1627 to 1815. In 1815, it was ceded to Britain and became part of the colony of British Guiana, which became Guyana when it gained independence in 1966.

As for the congregation, there are currently 56 publishers there with two elders, three ministerial servants, and six pioneers.  The territory is a mix of religions: Christian, Hindu and Muslim.

My internet search unearthed these gorgeous photos of Berbice from KennardP, who graciously allowed me to share some with you here.  He has so many more on his  Flickr account which you should definitely check out!

There’s a beach about 45 minutes away with the not-very-romantic name of Number 63 Beach so we’ll definitely have to get there!

By the way, KennardP also has beautiful photos of Orealla and Siparuta which are villages down the Corentyne River.  There is a congregation in Orealla which is only accessible by boat.   I would love to visit there sometime!  A young brother from Ohio is serving in Orealla and he has a great blog about his experiences if you’re interested in learning more.

Generally, it seems like Fyrish is a quiet area, at least off the main road.  I found this video that I really loved which is a drive through the village and it really gives you a feel for the area.  It’s 15 minutes long so no need to watch it all but the Kingdom Hall can be seen first thing, at :24. (Although someone said they might have built a new one recently?)

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