A Trip to Georgetown

25th January 2018 Travel

Early last week we traveled down to the capital, Georgetown, in order to take care of some business and to see some friends.

Guyana’s capital, Georgetown, was once one of the most beautiful cities in the Caribbean and was called the Garden City. But as a result of decades of mismanagement and a poor economy the city has gone downhill. However, you can still find beautiful examples of Colonial architecture and there are some new businesses opening which create some bright spots.

As with many things, learning how to get to and from Georgetown was had a bit of a learning curve. Initially we thought that the only way there was to take a hired car which cost about $100US. It took us a while to figure out that you can take a taxi which takes other passengers from New Amsterdam,  the closest mid-sized city to us, and the cost is reduced to $10US per person.  Game changer! Of course it’s a less comfortable ride but the convenience and the cost outweigh comfort.

When we arrived in to Georgetown our first stop was the new Pizza Hut near the car park. It’s not that we are super fans of Pizza Hut but pizza of that style is not available other places in Guyana so it was a lovely taste of home. From there, we walked through the market to take a boat across the Demerera River.

On the other side of the river we visited Todd and Barb Hollenbeck. Todd is from the circuit I grew up in and they were also our circuit overseers before going to Gilead. We also spent the evening with the lovely Yearwood family who I have known from years ago.

The next day was another day of visits: Dawn Frank who I studied with years ago when we were both in Lethm and who is now a very faithful, baptized sister.  Also, Edsel and Arlene Hazel at the literature depot which is the former branch office.  Arlene and I had pioneered together in Lethem for a time.  It was so nice to see everyone and to catch up!

After the visit to the depot we took our first trip to the American style grocery store called Massey which opened up nearby.  We came away with a few treats which we cannot buy up our way like salsa, tortilla chips, Tabasco sauce, butter, and bacon.  You can be sure that we will be rationing them out in the weeks and months to come!

On the way home, Tommy started to feel very sick with what turned out to be the flu. As a result, we spent the rest of the week at home as he recovered.  We did go to the doctor and they ran a battery of tests and determined that it was nothing more dangerous than the flu virus and they gave him some medication which helped a lot.  This week he is much better and we are back to our normal schedule.

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