A New Adventure

4th March 2017 Preparation

I first started this site and blog back in 2012 when I was making plans to move permanently to Guyana, South America. I had previously pioneered in Guyana in the mid-’90s and, after a visit in 2011, decided to return permanently.  But even now, reading back on those posts from 2012 about my plans, I can sense my ambivalence about the move.

One of the reasons for my ambivalence was that I felt that I was falling in love with this guy.  As it turned out, he was falling in love with me too so– long story short– we got married!

One thing that really drew us together was our desire to serve where the need was greater.  It remained to be seen if that meant an international move or not but– after three and a half years of marriage– we discussed it and decided that serving for a year in Guyana was the thing that made the best use of our resources.

We initially planned to go in early 2018 but, as often happens, our plans changed.  Our landlords asked us if they could use our apartment for a family member and asked us to leave by September 2017.  That moved up our timetable by nearly 8 months!  But we prayed on the matter and decided that we could make this new timeline work and that, really, this was the push we needed.

As of this writing, we have written to the branch in Trinidad and are waiting to hear where in Guyana they would suggest we serve.  We are so looking forward to devoting a year to improving in our skills in the ministry, encouraging a congregation, and being encouraged as well!

This blog is meant to document our experiences, to share the culture of Guyana, and to encourage those who are interested in serving where the need is greater in a foreign country, wherever that may be.  While the advice given here is specifically meant for serving in Guyana, needgreaters (or self-sustaining missionaries) in other countries may find it useful and/or encouraging as well.

I don’t expect to have a regular posting schedule so you can either check in periodically or add this blog to a RSS reader.  You can also follow us on Instagram and we will let you know when there are new posts.

And we would love your feedback! If there are questions you have or subjects you would like covered, leave a comment on a post or message us through our contact form.

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