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9th April 2018 Daily Life

Tuesday is our day off. In order for a day off to be refreshing for me, I don’t like to structure it too much so, as a result, it’s a bit difficult to quantify but I’ll try.


I can’t really sleep in too much, even on a day off so we’re usually up by 7:00. We make breakfast, sometimes something special like breakfast pizza or pancakes because we have more time. Then we start our day as most days with a bit of Bible reading and personal study.

On this day I had downloaded a new book so I read that for a good while in the veranda. Tommy played some computer games inside at the desk.


I knew though that I had to do some laundry so I started by soaking the sheets in baking soda to freshen them up. I read some more in my book, wrote a blog post for my business site, and prepared some business Instagram posts. Afterwards I squeezed the water out of the sheets and put them back in with some of the whites, bleach and soap powder. Read some more. Responded to some Instagram messages. Then I squeezed them out again and soaked them in clean water.


Tuesday is Tommy’s market day so he set off. Today on the shopping list:

  • Pumpkin
  • Papaya
  • Tomatoes
  • Potatoes
  • Shado beni (a cilantro substitute)
  • Sweet peppers
  • Banana
  • Tin foil
  • Toothbrush

All the fruits and vegetables he bought at the outdoor market and the tin foil and toothbrush he got at the local market, called Good Life or also referred to as the Chinese market.

He also had called the night before to have Aunty Babo get us some chicken breast so he stopped by her house to get that. Normally you can get chicken at the market but a whole chicken. If you want only the breast, you have to make arrangements ahead of time.

No one in the market had or had heard of shado beni so I texted my friend Melissa about it. She said that you can’t find it at the market but she had some growing in her yard. So Tommy went by on his bike to get a few leaves and she also gave us some plants so that we can grow our own. (Later I learned that this is also called culantro.)  He also took a run out on the bike for some bottled water.  Busy guy!


It was almost noon so I started making flat bread to go with our hummus and baba ganouch.  We ate that for lunch and watched a couple of episodes of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.


Afterwards Tommy wasn’t feeling well so he went to take a nap. I squeezed out the laundry and hung it on the line to dry. Then I started working on the vegetables Tommy had picked up from the market.

The tomatoes and peppers had to be soaked in bleach water. The potatoes were dirty so I washed them. I cut up the papaya and the pumpkin. And I made a pico de gayo salsa with diced tomatoes, onions, garlic, peppers, and the shado beni.

I also went in the back yard to get some dirt and planted the shado beni plants in a pot. The mosquitoes attacked me, making me work faster, but I did get to see mama cat and her four new kittens playing.

I was so sweaty after all that that I needed to take a shower. The pump in our upstairs bathroom wasn’t working so I had to use the bathroom downstairs which just kind of dribbles on you. Anyway, I was able to get clean and feel fresh. I went back to my book.


To be honest, I stopped keeping track of what happened right about now because the day didn’t turn out to be a typical day.

Usually we would have dinner and then have family worship and watch a movie but Tommy ended up sleeping though dinner so I didn’t cook. He got up for a little bit and then went right back to bed so I went to sleep about 7:00 too.

He had had the flu and then I think he over extended himself on Monday and it came back on full force. Since then he’s been more careful about resting when he’s feeling run down.

Thursday is a day off for us too but since our meeting is that night, the focus is a lot more on meeting preparation. Tommy always has at least one part to prepare. And our meeting is at 5:30 so we need to start getting ready so early.

So that’s a (somewhat) typical day off for us: busy but full of restful moments as well!

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