2018 Memorial

2nd April 2018 Special Events

This past Saturday, Jehovah’s Witnesses all over the world celebrated the Memorial of Jesus Christ’s death. It is the most important event of the year for us and in the weeks leading up to it we participated in a special campaign to invite all in our territory.

“Keep doing this in remembrance of me.” – Luke 22:19

Our territory is usually covered about twice a year but during the campaign we covered our entire territory in 3 weeks! A big reason for this is that the first week of the campaign was also our circuit overseer’s visit so the groups were huge, between 20 and 30 each day of the week.

In the week before the Memorial, we had our special talk which was given via video feed from Trinidad by Brother Simons, a member of the branch committee. We also had a Kingdom Hall cleaning which was supported by about 20 persons.

The day of the Memorial, Tommy was scheduled to give the talk so he was practicing right up until it was time to leave. I went on one study but she had had some family problems that day so she wasn’t able to have her study. Unfortunately that also meant that she couldn’t attend the Memorial which disappointed us both.

And, as always, there was some craziness. When we arrived at the hall for the Memorial, the brothers said “Where is the wine?” We had bought the wine but forgotten it at home! Since Tommy was the speaker, he stayed and a brother ran me home in his car, I grabbed the wine, and made it back just in time. But it was stressful!

For 56 publishers, our total attendance was 216!  We set up extra chairs outside the hall to accommodate the overflow, and a television screen so that everyone could see.  Two of our Bible students attended but there were so many people that we didn’t even get to see them; we just heard from others later that they had been there.

Vanessa and Vashti

It was a beautiful event but went by so quickly!  Tommy and I did take a photo together but it looked weird.  I wish I could have gotten more photos with friends but afterward everyone who had cars was so busy ferrying Bible students home that the hall emptied very quickly.

We were so happy to have been part of such a wonderful occasion!

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