November 2017

Food in Guyana

November 16, 2017 Daily Life

Behind housing, in terms of physical needs, the next concern most people have for us is what we are eating. I’ll admit that this has been a bit of a learning curve because while you can find most essentials, there are some things that are not available and then the next challenge is figuring out where to buy each thing. Fresh fruits and vegetables are sold at open air markets. There are big market days in a few villages nearRead More

Ministry in Guyana

November 5, 2017 Ministry

You may think that the door to door ministry is the same the world over but– while the message is the same– the methods differ according to the territory, country, and culture.  So, for us, this has required some time to understand the method and in many ways we are still adjusting. In Fyrish, groups meet for service five days a week, usually starting at 9am. We meet in the territory we are going to work, just standing at theRead More


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